.NET Standard 2.0 is final

Published on Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Great news for all .NET Developers .NET Standard 2.0 became final today.

Official github announcement.

If you confused what .NET Standard is here is a short explanation from .NET Standard FAQ

".NET Standard is a specification that represents a set of APIs that all .NET platforms have to implement. This unifies the .NET platforms and prevents future fragmentation. Think of .NET Standard as POSIX for .NET. Having a standard solves the code sharing problem for .NET developers by bringing all the APIs that you expect and love across the environments that you need: desktop applications, mobile apps & games, and cloud services."

Also you could think about .NET Standard as an interface and each platform (Desktop .NET, Mono, Xamarin, etc) implements the interface.

So This is a great news for any .NET developer who is interested in .NET Core and .NET platform future.

You might need Visual Studio 2017 15.3 to start producing .NET Standard 2.0 libraries and NuGet packages.

Benefits of .NET Standard 2.0:

  • Bigger API surface 13k Vs 32k API set

  • NET Framework compatibility mode: It allows .NET Standard projects to depend on .NET Framework libraries as if they were compiled for .NET Standard.

  • Broad platform support: NET Framework 4.6.1; .NET Core 2.0; Mono 5.4; Xamarin.iOS 10.14; Xamarin.Mac 3.8; Xamarin.Android 7.5; UWP is work in progress and will ship later this year.

More information here

Series of short videos from .NET team about .NET Standard 2.0

Recently I posted list of interesting reading June - July there you can find an article from Rick Strahl about "Multi-Targeting and Porting a .NET Library to .NET Core 2.0". It is a great way to see how you can port your library to the .NET Standard 2.0.

Happy Coding!